What Causes Error CODE C249F or the Brakes Defective Stop Vehicle Error?

Car problems are always a headache to drivers because they are often very costly. Unlike other things that you can easily set aside or live without, car safety is essential for both motorists and passengers. One mistake and you could end up hurting yourself or getting into a fatal accident.

There’s a long list of automotive issues we can discuss, but we’ll focus on one of the most popular error codes that Mercedes-Benz cars with sensotronic brake controls (SBC) are experiencing — the SBC Error CODE C249F or the Brakes Defective Stop Vehicle error message.

There are three common reasons behind this automotive error:

1. The operating time of the SBC Traction system hydraulic unit’s (A7/3) component has been exceeded. For Mercedes-Benz, a cycle limit has been set for its SBC hydraulic pump. After the SBC module count reaches approximately 300,000, any of the following error below gets displayed on the instrument cluster:
• SBC Control Module Failure
• Brake Defective Stop Vehicle

2. The SBC/Electro-Hydraulic Brake System Hydraulic Pump was completely damaged. The SBC pump is responsible for creating pressure and applying it to the brakes. That’s why your car experiences reduced braking power or, worse, may completely loose all its braking capability once its SBC pump gets defective.
The SBC error code is common among E-Class W211, SL-Class (R230), and CLS-Class of Mercedes-Benz cars.

3. The brake light switch is already defective. One of the most obvious symptoms of a failing brake light is one that stays ON all the time. Often, when there’s a short circuit of the brake light switch, the brake lights remain ON even if the pedal is not pressed. Sooner or later, the brake lights get burned out.

Other SBC Hydraulic Pump Error Codes that may be encountered include:
• C25D6 – Although this error may be ignored, it’s highly recommended to have this erased by a professional Mercedes Benz service technician.
• C26DE/ C26BB Hydraulic Fault – Both error codes are caused by a malfunction in the car’s pressure supply.

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