Typical Failures of Mercedes-Benz Airmatic Suspension System

Typical failures of Mercedes-Benz Airmatic Suspension System

This German luxury car is indeed legendary in giving you a smooth ride with the help of AirMatic suspension. Be it on a modern highway or bumpy road, driving a Mercedes-Benz equipped with AirMatic suspension provides maximum stability and comfort.

The system gives you the option to switch between two driving modes, the Comfort, and Sport mode. This revolutionary system makes you feel like you’re floating on the road. But just like all other cars, Mercedes-Benz and the airlift suspension may fail.

For example, the hydraulic Active Body Control (ABC), airlift, air ride or AIRmatic suspension system may develop malfunctions that may sometimes be too expensive to repair. If you decide to have a Mercedes Benz repair mechanic do the repair, bring your car to Laguna Niguel Auto Center for a complete diagnosis.


Typical failures of Mercedes-Benz AirMatic suspension system:

  1. Mercedes AirMatic Strut Failure.

One of the very common problems of Mercedes-Benz is the air struts leaking. When one of the air springs fails, you will notice your vehicle sitting lower on the affected corner when it is idle and will cause an uneven ride height if you’re driving. If you experience this, it means the struts are going bad and need to be replaced. This type of failure affects the handling and stability of the vehicle and can pose risks when you’re on the road.

Replacing the struts is like working a standard strut job but with added air connection at the top. There are a few Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions to help you fix the problem, but anytime you need help with your Mercedes Benz repair let our certified professionals at Laguna Niguel Auto Center do it for you.

  1. Mercedes AirMatic Compressor Failure.

The air suspension compressor of your Mercedes-Benz generates compressed air. While doing so, it can fail in different ways. A burned out compressor motors is one example.

When the Mercedes AirMatic Compressor quits working, it will leave the air springs without pressure causing the vehicle to lower to the ground and won’t be able to rise.

If you’re not sure what to do or how to fix your Mercedes-Benz AirMatic suspension troubles, have our Mercedes Benz repair experts at Laguna Niguel Auto Center do it for you. Call us at (949)5822191.