Tips on How to Drive Your Porsche this Autumn

Fall is the season when drivers need to pay more attention to traffic conditions and use extra caution while on the road.

As road and weather conditions change with the season, here are some safety tips to keep in mind to help you enjoy the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves and cool, crisp air while driving your Porsche.


Crossing animals, wet leaves, and slippery roads

Wild animals crossing the road are easily scared at the sight of a moving vehicle. Slow down when driving your Porsche car on the road full of wet leaves and in areas with active wildlife population. Be extra watchful when driving in areas near the woods and animal crossing signs. The faster you drive on wet, slippery roads, the harder it is to stop your vehicle. Leaves may obscure bumps in the road and lane lines and can be as slippery as ice, so pay attention to road markers and the edge of the road. Make sure to stay in your lane and reduce your speed when driving around turns. Keep distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to give yourself room to stop in case of emergency.  Use caution driving through a pile of leaves where children are playing.


Road and weather conditions

Changing weather conditions in many areas means you need to pay attention to weather forecasts. Increased rainfall and storm are expected in the fall season, so be prepared for changing road conditions. Have your tire pressure and your windshield wipers checked at the nearest Porsche repair area near you. Use your headlights when driving at dawn and dusk. In foggy conditions, it is recommended to use your fog lights or low beams and not high beams lights. Slowly drive through overpasses and bridges, and watch out for road debris.


Eyes on the road

Make sure to keep a pair of sunglasses in your car for the daytime. Brilliant rays of the sun can make driving difficult due to sun glare. A pair of sunglasses will help you see other vehicles and the roadway a little bit clearer and reduces road dangers.


Porsche Service Near You

Are you and your family planning a road trip this autumn? Let Laguna Niguel Auto Center’s team of ASE-Certified technicians get your vehicle ready for you. Our top professionals can do minor to major Porsche repair for you to enjoy a trouble-free joyride. Call for an appointment at (949) 582-2191.