Things to Consider When Buying Used BMWs

The awesome rear-wheel drive platform and the strong engines are just two of the most beloved features of the BMW. As expected, this outstanding driving machine comes with a pricy tag that leaves on-lookers merely wanting on the other side.

Fortunately, there are a couple of gearheads who often give out their used cars, so they can try the new ones. This makes the BMW a popular choice among buyers who are looking for some used models.


Before you even put some money on that used BMW, make sure you know what to expect. Here are they:


Cost of ownership

Being the owner of a BMW requires a couple of responsibilities. First, you need to be keen when it comes to its repair and maintenance needs. Because it has more expensive parts, expect BMW repair costs to be a bit higher too. Compared to an average car, its insurance cost is also often bigger so brace for it.



Without a doubt, the BMW is a well-designed and robust roadster. However, it does come with some flaws that are likewise making potential buyers think twice. BMWs are generally rated average when it comes to reliability and this may hint the necessity of some repairs now and then. Just like other European vehicles, the BMW also uses plastic instead of some other known durable materials. Bottomline, they’re considered not as reliable as the Japanese brands.



As we know, a brand new BMW is often very expensive. But with car manufacturers’ frequent release of newer models, the maker of the BMW has to also keep its price competitive in the market. In order to give you a clear picture of the depreciation, let’s take for example the 3-Series BMW. A three-year old 3-Series BMW will cost you approximately $30,000, while a six-year old 3-Series will be at around $17,000. That means you’re expected to lose almost $4,000 worth of value per year. In this case, the six-year old BMW may be the better option.


Service and repair

BMWs have a couple of specifics that not every garage can handle for repairs. This makes BMW repair and servicing at a car dealership or alternative dealership more expensive. If you’ll be able to find a local BMW-specialized shop that you can trust, that’s going to be a huge plus.


Have you decided yet?

Owning a BMW is fun most especially for those who are really into luxury cars. Its makers almost always never fall short in giving it some kind of unique would personality,” thus owning one of these can further make you proud  By ensuring you’re on top of some known issues on BMWs and you’re ready to spend in case of BMW repair, you’ll definitely be okay and will have fun on the road.

Are you ready to personally see what the BMW is all about? Visit your alternative dealership today.