Tire and Alignment


Why purchase tires at a specialty store when you can have yours replaced right here?! This convenient option allows you to choose from economy to high-quality performance tires if we notice your tread is low. Some of the brands we recommend are:



Some of the noticeable alignment issues that might happen to your vehicle are uneven wearing of your tires and/ or pulling to one side as you drive. Having these problems fixed in a timely manner is important, and Laguna Niguel Auto Center is available to help.

Alignment Specialists are trained in:

  • Complete inspection of steering/ suspension system to help achieve optimal tire wear
  • Verifying tire condition and air pressure is safe for driving
  • Yearly two-wheel and four-wheel alignments for a smoother ride
  • Road testing your car to ensure the alignment is perfectly straight
  • Providing information concerning the vehicle’s alignment readings

Call for an appointment Monday-Friday at (949)582-2191 or go to the Schedule and Appointment tab to let us know when you are coming to see us.