Auto Detail

Driving and parking exposes your car to the sun, sea salt, rain, and dirt which can cause damage to its pristine exterior. Laguna Niguel Auto Center offers a convenient interior and exterior auto detailing that can be completed while it is in for service. You may have been told that today’s clear coat doesn’t need to be waxed, but proper waxing is the best defense against the elements. Our service will carefully clean, polish, and protect your vehicle using technician-approved products.

Interior detail includes vaccumming and shampooeing carpets/floors, glass cleaning, and removal of dirt buildup and stains. Exterior detail includes options of washing away the grime as well as buffing away scratches, claying, and waxing to achieve an unbelievably clean shine that will repel the outside elements in the future.

Headlight Restoration involves buffing and returning your foggy, yellowed lenses to like-new condition so that driving at night is done with full visibility. Our expertise will assure you that you will have your vehicle looking clean and its interior well-kept so that your vehicle is maintained mechanically as well as cosmetically.

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