Is Your Service Shop Right For You?

You know that a quality vehicle like your BMW needs regular care, but you may not have realized how much can go into shopping for the right service professional.  If you’re in need of BMW repair Laguna Niguel has several places that will offer to do the work for you, but you should be wary of trusting your car to just anyone.  We, of course, think our service department is the best in town, but we want you to know what you should be looking for.  Here’s a few ways that you can be sure you’ve come to the right shop.


  1. Proper Education/Certification

Did you know that service professionals can specialize, much like a doctor?  High-quality vehicles like a BMW often have unique requirements, and working on them as though they were a different line of cars can cause neglect and even engine damage.  Our service center is proud to be a Certified Bosch Service Center, which enables us to access important OE training and specialized information that will enable us to service the sophisticated systems of your BMW with care and precision.


  1. Great Customer Service

While everyone enjoys a nice waiting room or a friendly staff, these aren’t the only aspects of customer service you should be checking into.  It matters, for example, how comfortable you are with your service professional.  Do you feel at ease asking them questions?  Does your service professional take the time to explain the service they’re going to be performing on your car in as much detail as you’d like?  Finally, does the shop you’re considering have enough people working in their service department that you’re able to get an appointment when you need one?


  1.  Uses Quality Parts

Sometimes garages that don’t specialize in high-end vehicles don’t understand the importance of using genuine parts to repair German cars.  BMWs, however, are designed to very high specifications, and it’s important to only use proper parts for repair or replacement.  Your service professional should be willing to discuss with you exactly what you’re paying for when you bring your vehicle in for BMW repair.

Your BMW was meticulously engineered to provide a high-quality driving experience.  If it needs a standard service, a tune-up, or even repair, don’t risk taking it to someone that will treat it as just another car.  We specialize in quality BMW repair, and we’d love to make sure that your vehicle keeps treating you right for many years to come.



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