When is the Right Time to Service Your BMW

The BMW comes with some features that would let you know what exactly it requires. This means you can forget about the guesswork and focus on your dash panel’s alerts about the service requirements that your vehicle needs.

The BMW service indicators include:

Condition Based Servicing (CBS)

In newer models, CBS monitors the BMW vehicle’s components for any signs of wear. Whenever a component triggers an alert, a relevant CBS icon is displayed. Note that the CBS system only gets engaged whenever your vehicle needs attention.

Service Internal Indicator (SII)

Before the introduction of CBS, BMW employed in their vehicles a system popularly known as Service Interval Indicator. Compared to CBS, the SII tracks the service requirements of your BMW based on mileage. It’s, therefore, essential to also follow your mechanic’s advice to keep your BMW running properly for years.

General recommendations

Like other car manufacturers, BMW provides drivers some directions on when they should bring their vehicle in the auto repair shop for servicing. These recommendations are general in nature so the frequency of the service that the car requires also depends on certain factors. Contributing factors may include the driving habits, location, and the road conditions where the vehicle operates.

How Does Road Conditions in Orange County Affect Your BMW

Extreme weather conditions can really affect the way you normally drive on the road. When it’s raining or there’s thick snow on the road, the surface becomes more slippery. This will greatly reduce traction and put you at risk of losing control of your vehicle if you’re not very careful. During this time of the year when the temperature is high, it’s also important to be aware of high winds and sun glare.

Obviously, there’s not that much we can do to control weather conditions. One thing’s sure though: Laguna Niguel Auto Center has your back no matter what BMW repair problems you got. Contact us today at (949) 582-2191 and our friendly staff will be very happy to help.