Premium Or Regular Gas?

Mercedes-Benz represents an important investment! As a high-end performance vehicle, will you fill it up with premium or regular gasoline? Would you risk damaging its engine or sacrificing its performance just to save some dollars? It’s time to make a decision. Using a regular gasoline will help you save few dollars compared to opting for a pricier premium gas. But luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz requires premium gas. Why?

Premium gas provides maximum performance. The high-performance engine of a Mercedes-Benz is designed to run on premium gas (for a reason) while some cars are designed to run on regular gasoline. Using low-grade fuel on Mercedes-Benz cars is not a smart way to save money. It will still run on regular gas, but it will not perform at its full potential. Instead, expect it to knock and sputter as low-grade or regular gasoline upsets your Mercedes-Benz engine’s delicate firing sequence. Mercedes-Benz powerful engine was built to run on premium gas because it has higher compression ratio compared to non-performance engines.

Don’t be confused which type of gasoline to use on your vehicle. Always check your car owner’s manual as it specifies which gas to use. Avoid problems that would trigger engine malfunctions when you use regular gas on your Mercedes-Benz as it will only decrease the fuel efficiency and shorten the life of the car’s other components.

On the other hand, you don’t need to fill your vehicle premium gas if it only requires regular gasoline. Note that using premium gas on a standard engine will not hurt the car’s motor. However, it will not clean the engine or make it run better as it will just hurt your pocket because it is a bit more expensive.

Do you still think that the “premium” label on fuel is simply a marketing ploy? Avoid future damage to your car’s engine that would require complicated and expensive Mercedes Benz repair. It is smart to be money-conscious, but it is smarter always to ask the opinion of the experts.  If you need Mercedes Benz service, contact an experienced auto repair center in your area like Laguna Niguel Auto Center at 1 (949) 582 2191.