Mercedes Service A: Why Your Vehicle Needs It

Like everything about a Mercedes-Benz, the maintenance recommendations have been carefully designed for both practicality and precision.  Mercedes Service A is recommended for all Mercedes vehicles at 10,000 miles and then every 20,000 miles or 2 years after that.  In between, it’s recommended that the vehicle receives Mercedes Service B.


Odds are that you’re already convinced you should opt for the specific list of recommendations in Mercedes Service A & B, but you still have to decide who you want to do the work.

Should I Go To An Independent Garage Or An Alternative Dealership Service Department?

Many people wonder whether it’s better to take their vehicle for service at the dealership or to an independent mechanic.  The independents are often right around the corner, near their neighborhood, and may often be less expensive.  Here are a few things to look for in your service department:

  • They know your vehicle.  Many service departments are specialists.  They’ve worked on many of the same make and model as your car, and they’re very familiar with it.  Make sure your mechanic knows Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
  • They have technician training programs.  You want your mechanic to be extremely knowledgeable about any issues or recalls that have come up with your vehicle.
  • They know the service schedules.  Some small garages may not be familiar with all the points of a Mercedes service schedule, or know the difference between an A & B schedule, let alone which schedule your vehicle is due for.  Make sure that the shop you choose to service your car knows what you’re asking for when you tell them you need Mercedes service.
  • They have the correct parts.  Keep in mind that you should only accept genuine Mercedes replacement parts when your Mercedes-Benz needs repair.  A dealership is more likely to have the correct parts on hand than a small, mom-and-pop mechanic’s shop, but an independent shop that specializes in German vehicles will be able to offer you genuine parts as well.
  • They know you.  It’s important to develop a relationship with your mechanic.  You should be able to rest easy that your service department knows you, and your car’s needs, very well.


The Mercedes-Benz is a high-quality automobile for those with high expectations, toward performance, and toward life.  Don’t compromise with a “general” service or slapdash oil change.  Instead, insist on a genuine, meticulous service schedule that’s been designed for your car.  Not sure whether you need Mercedes A or B?  Just give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to help.




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