Mercedes Benz Service B Explained

If you’ve had your Mercedes-Benz for about a year, you probably have reached 20,000 miles already. It’s not just a milestone for your car, but it also means you’d need to perform the so called Service B visit.

Also known as Schedule B or Flex B, Mercedes Service B repair is a type of service that your car needs to go through most especially if it’s already showing the service indicator. The exact time to do Service B is determined by your Mercedes- Benz’s Flexible Service System.

Why is Mercedes Benz Service B important?

This type of preventive service is recommended by the manufacturer, so your Mercedes-Benz will improve gas mileage, experience lesser emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and a lot more.

That’s one area where Laguna Niguel Auto Center excels. Their ASE-certified technicians are highly-trained to work on a variety of services and make sure your car operates at its best form.

Below are the common procedures that will be performed during a Mercedes Service B repair visit. They include, but are not limited to:

• Rotating tires and checking tire pressure
• Examining warning and indicator lamps
• Inspecting transmission service and transmission filter
• Checking interior lighting and windshield washer system
• Checking the air conditioning system for leaks
• Performing a comprehensive scan of the car’s computer system using the Mercedes STAR system
• Performing comprehensive check of the suspension system
• Inspecting safety systems such as the seat belt and air bag
• Checking power steering
• Testing the brake fluid and checking the lining thickness of brake pads
• Inspecting battery condition
• Lubricating latches, hinges, and sunroof
• Inspecting for oil leaks


Laguna Niguel Auto Center at your service!

We here at Laguna Niguel Auto Center are guaranteed to provide your car with the best Mercedes Benz service B it needs. With ASE-certified technicians who are trained to work on a variety of car issues and maintenance needs especially Mercedes Benz service, we’re confident to provide you unparalleled service. Contact us today at (949) 582-2191 and our friendly staff will be glad to accommodate you.