Mercedes-Benz Repair: Frequently Diagnosed Problems

What else could make you save money than an accurate diagnosis? We have listed some answers to common Mercedes Benz repair problems and how to troubleshoot it yourself.

Gear Shifter Stuck in Park

Your Mercedes-Benz will start and run, but the transmission gear selector can’t be moved from Park to Drive. The shifter, even without the engine running, won’t move out of Park. This is not a transmission problem but rather a failure in the car’s selector module.

How to troubleshoot gear selector shifter problem?

Manually move the shifter from Park to Drive or Drive to Park using the shifter override slot found on the shifter console of your car. Anytime you experience difficulty getting the car out of Park, call our certified technicians at Laguna Niguel Auto Center.

Engine Would Crank but won’t start

There are times when the key will not turn the ignition at all. Fuel is good though. The root of these malfunctions on your car is an old battery.

How to fix a no start issue?

Verify your car’s battery is fully charged. It is recommended to replace your Mercedes-Benz battery after 6 or 7 years of use. If it’s not the battery, it’s time to check the fuses on your car. For any trouble that you might experience Laguna Niguel Auto Center has a certified Mercedes Benz repair tech to help you out.

Car Fluid Leak – Transmission Leak

A red fluid is what you’ll see if your Mercedes-Benz transmission is leaking – usually near the center of the car.

The seal for the transmission pan of your car might be the reason for your headache. But a leak in the electrical transmission plug could be the primary source of this problem. The leak starts from a slow drop at first which can speed up over time and can cause damage to your car.

How to fix a fluid leak fast?

Avoid high Mercedes Benz repair cost by using a transmission sealer to seal the leak. There won’t be a need for your vehicle to undergo a fluid change. Transmission sealer restores worn out seals to its original size and sealing properties.

Experiencing other issues with your luxury car?

Look no further! Laguna Niguel has ASE-certified Mercedes Benz repair technicians who can repair any minor or major issues with your car. Give us a call at (949) 582-2191.