Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC Suspension

Be on top of your game and experience a driving performance with the first-class comfort. Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC suspension should be on top of the list if you are on a quest to upgrade your vehicle.


Be it on a bumpy road or modern highway: a firmer ride, better handling, and enhanced maneuverability are just a few of the features you will experience with the AIRMATIC suspension system.


AIRMATIC suspension: What can it do for you and your car?

Your Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC suspension system has a few core functions. Aside from what has been mentioned above, AIRMATIC suspension helps with road safety and driving stability.  The suspension system absorbs shock when you hit either a bump or hump on the road, helping the tires retain contact with the road. The damping of each wheel self-adjusts on the road’s uneven surfaces. The AIRMATIC suspension acts fast and precise with any cornering, braking, or accelerating to help lessen body roll. The shock absorption function of the suspension keeps the ride comfortable and safe for both driver and passengers inside the vehicle.


The Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC suspension system uses adjustable air springs to operate. The electronically-controlled air spring moves up and down to adjust to the road’s condition to make sure you don’t feel those bumps. With AIRMATIC installed on your vehicle, it’s like riding on a car that glides over the road.


Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC comes with Comfort and Sport driving modes the driver can easily select and switch from through the AGILITY SELECT programs found in the center console of the vehicle. With Comfort mode, you get a quiet, smooth-as-silk ride with multiple gas saving innovations. You can try the Sports mode for a more adventurous setting. The Sports mode allows raising the ride height on roads with bumps and potholes with little or no impact, keeping the ride comfortable. Sports mode lets you maintain control of your vehicle even on fast speed and curvy lanes.


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