How to Make Your Mercedes Benz Summer-Ready!

There’s nothing more exciting than hitting the road this summer equipped with travel guides, trendiest swimsuits, enough snacks to feed an army,  and a Mercedez Benz car!

With the high temperature, however, it can be problematic for vehicles like the Mercedez Benz. The extra heat, humidity, and intensity of the sun that can certainly cause damage to your car.

Ensure safe and efficient travel that starts with a vehicle that is delivering optimal performance, and you will be confident that your vehicle is ready for the season.


Here are a few tips to keep your Mercedez Benz protected:

Filters. Ensure that the air filter is changed, as the gasoline engine need to have a sufficient supply of air, plenty of fuel and a strong spark to run properly.  

Fluid Levels. Check your fluids especially during the summer.  Proper fluid levels are critical at all times. Low oil levels can cause serious friction in the engine, and low coolant levels would allow the motor to overheat, damaging the head gasket, heads or the engine block. Both the engine oil and the coolant keep the motor at the right operating temperature. It also helps the transmission fluid which contributes to maintaining the transmission system from overheating.

Inspect the belts. Belts are used in the crankshaft to drive critical components like the water pump, alternator, air conditioner and, on some engines, the radiator cooling fan.

Air Conditioner. The air conditioning system is very reliable in Mercedes-Benz cars but requires periodic maintenance. During this season, it is recommended to charge the air conditioner. The high temperatures can contribute to excess belt wear, and if the belt breaks while driving, it will prevent the air conditioner from running properly. It will also stop the coolant from circulating air through the engine. However, summer is not the only time to find out that the air conditioner in your Mercedes-Benz is malfunctioning. Before the heat arrives, have it inspected by your local Mercedes Benz service Laguna Niguel dealership alternative.

Brake system. Inspect brakes as brake pads and discs could wear faster as temperatures increase. It is also best to have an anti-lock brake system and traction control systems, so brake fluid is at the proper level.

Tires. Also, have your tires checked at the beginning and the end of summer, and replace them when necessary.


Battery. Finally, have the battery tested and maintained at a Mercedes Benz service Laguna Niguel shop before summer to make sure you do not get stranded with a dead battery.