Is Your Mercedes Benz Ready for the Fall Season?

The warm days of summer are almost over and the cool times of autumn are drawing near.  What is there not to love this fall season?


There are plenty of reasons to love especially if you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz this time of year. Fall is one of the best times to take a joyride and see some spectacular spots around Orange County. But is your car set for the seasonal change? Get your vehicle ready through proper and precise Mercedes Benz service for you to welcome the cooler temperature of autumn.


Here are some steps to prepare your Mercedes-Benz for another great Autumn driving adventure:


  1. Inspect your battery.

You don’t want your car battery to go dead in the middle of the road, right? The warm temperatures of summer decrease the battery’s capacity so if you have an older battery, change it now. Your Mercedes-Benz engine requires more power to start in cold days making it harder for the battery to provide power.


  1. Check your brakes.

Avoid the dangers of autumn driving. Brakes need to be calibrated properly as fallen leaves on the streets, animals on the roads and slippery runways make braking difficult during this time of the year. Head on to Laguna Niguel Auto Center to have your brakes checked.


  1. Inspect your lights.

Make sure your Mercedes-Benz lights work for safety reasons. The nights get longer during autumn so make sure all lights in your car are checked and are functioning properly especially for late night driving.


  1. Prepare your windshield wipers.

Keep a good view of the road with the help of working windshield wipers. Worn out or cracked wiper blades need to be replaced. Have an expert from Laguna Niguel Auto Center do it for you.


  1. Replace old tires.

Stay ahead of the road with well-maintained tires on a cool weather. We recommend a Mercedes Benz service to inspect your tires and ensure that its threads are enough for road safety reasons.

Laguna Niguel Auto Center has ASE-certified technicians ready to perform complete and thorough Mercedes Benz service. Call for an appointment at (949) 582-2191.