Fuel Saving Tips For Efficient Driving

Fuel efficient driving is a hot topic. In these days where petrol and diesel prices are soaring high, and budgets are tight, it is best to drive economically. If you have been saving up money on your fuel bill, check out these basic Mercedes Benz service fuel saving tips from Laguna Niguel Auto Center.


Fuel Saving Tips For Efficient Driving


  1. Most of us do not bother to plan our trips. Now is the time to do it. Combine daily errands or few smaller trips into one big trip to save time and fuel. Shorter trips with your Mercedes-Benz is the least fuel efficient than one longer trip. Starting a vehicle when your engine is cold emits more pollutant and uses much more fuel on shorter trips and for the first five miles or so. Try to avoid using your vehicle on short trips and explore other options like walking, car pooling, cycling or riding public transport.


  1. Drive smoothly and try your best driving at a constant speed. Avoid traveling during peak-hours and in heavy traffic areas as much as possible. Every time you stop/start driving it contributes to the inefficient use of gas. Be patient, stick to the speed limit, and ease back on the accelerator. Engine idling for long periods of time simply wastes fuel too. Start your car only when you are good to go.


  1. Eliminate unnecessary load and travel light. Stop carrying around unnecessary weight. Remove all unneeded items from your Mercedes Benz like sports equipment or heavy tools at home. The less weight the vehicle carry, the less fuel it uses.  The heavier the load, the greater effect it will have on fuel consumption.


  1. Keep your Mercedes-Benz wheels properly aligned. Check your tires regularly and keep them inflated to the recommended pressure by the manufacturer. Looking after your tires will not only aid your fuel consumption and safer handling but will also extend the tire life.


  1. The use of air conditioner adds up an extra load on the engine thus forcing to use more fuel. Use air conditioning sparingly. Park your Mercedes-Benz in the shade and out of the sun. Drive with the car’s windows down for few minutes to help cool the interior before starting the air conditioning.


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