Detailing Your Porsche: More Than Just Vanity

Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of a beautiful, high-performance car.  Yet, you may already be dreading the day that you have to schedule Porsche repair.  Is there a way to keep your Porsche in top condition, while keeping a close eye out for anything that may go wrong?  Detailing your Porsche is not only an ideal time to check for any irregularities, but it’s also fun.  Read on to find out our recommendations.

  1. Score Some Shade

When you’re detailing your car, even where you choose to park is important.  If possible, park in the shade, ideally under a carport or other shelter.  This prevents the sun from fading your paint, and also keeps your car from drying too rapidly, which can lead to everything from unsightly streaks and smudges to difficult-to-remove mineral deposits and water drop shadows.


  1. Get The Right Suds


Following the directions on the bottle, mix up a bucket of car soap and apply it carefully.  If you have specific dirt spots on the vehicle, apply shampoo directly to them and then allow it to sink in while you soap up the rest of the vehicle.  Do you have flecks of tar on your vehicle?  Don’t waste time trying to scrub it off with regular car shampoo.  Instead, look for products specifically formulated to remove tar, and use them according to manufacturer’s directions.  Rinse the car before you soap it, starting with the tires and working your way up to avoid splashing dirt upwards.


  1.  Dry Smart, Wax Smart


One of the most important steps in detailing the exterior of a car is one that many Porsche owners might be tempted to skip: drying and waxing.  If you elect to hand-dry your car, be sure you’re using a “paint safe” towel that is formulated not to scratch or rub the paint, and make sure that you’ve rinsed every bit of sand or grit off the vehicle.  If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll not scratch the paint, consider using a blower-type dryer that enables you to dry the car thoroughly without touching it.  Waxing is generally the last step.  Many owners favor a soft microfiber cloth as a wax applicator, but it’s very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using wax.


Detailing the exterior of your Porsche gives you a chance to go over every inch of your car, checking it for dents, scratches, or other abnormalities.  You’re not likely to forget to wash your car, so let detailing time serve as a reminder to check your car’s functionality as well.  In this way, you’ll catch any problems promptly, and keep your Porsche running smoothly and looking gorgeous.



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