Why Choose An Alternative Dealership?

Keeping your vehicle in its pristine condition is everybody’s dream. It is dangerous and alarming to drive a car that is not mechanically sound. A regular Honda service Laguna Niguel schedule, for instance, does wonder in making your vehicle roadworthy and ensures the longevity of a car’s life. Laguna Niguel Auto Center is a well known and trustworthy dealership alternative in southern Orange County that provides quality and professional repair.


Routine car servicing and maintenance can ensure:

-road safety

-prevent malfunctions

-expensive engine repairs

-increase car performance

-save you money on fuel

-prolong your Honda car’s life

-lower the cost of operation

-preserve or increase the vehicle’s resale value and

-provide you peace of mind.


Dealer vs. Laguna Niguel Auto Center

Every vehicle owner has the right to choose a repair service center. A vehicle under warranty may now be serviced by a dealership alternative of your choice like Laguna Niguel Auto Center. Take care not to void your warranty. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Only licensed auto repair center and alternative dealerships can perform Honda service Laguna Niguel as long as it is carried out in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.  It is also strongly advised to keep records and receipts of all repairs and maintenance done to the vehicle.

Inclusions in a Routine Maintenance

  1. Oil changes
  2. Tire rotations
  3. Belt replacement
  4. Fluid checks and flushes
  5. New brake pads
  6. Windshield wipers replacement
  7. Cabin air filter replacement
  8. Engine air filter replacement
  9. Inspections


Just like any other car dealers, independent shop like Laguna Niguel Auto Center has a team of ASE master-certified technicians that are fully trained in computer diagnostics and has special service tools needed to fix any vehicle problem. Aside from purely technical issues, the reason why many people choose Laguna Niguel Auto Center is the competitive quality repair prices that we offer.  Visit our website http://www.niguelauto.com/ for more info or call us at (949) 582-2191 to set an appointment.