Does Your Car Run Like It Used To?

If you’re wondering whether you need Mercedes repair Laguna Niguel has several shops that will be glad to have your business.  (We think our shop is the best.  We admit we are biased.)  However, we always want you to be empowered and informed before you go into any shop.  Here’s our list of signs and symptoms that warrant getting your car in for a checkup ASAP.


  1. Squealing Sound When You Come To A Stop

This typically means that some part of your brake system needs to be serviced or replaced.  Just like tires, brake pads wear out over time and need to be replaced.  Since the brakes are one of the most vital safety features in your car, this is one symptom you should never ignore.  Make sure that you can stop without trouble.


  1. Oil Spots Under Your Car

Your Mercedes should never leak oil.  If you notice any greasy spots left under your vehicle in your garage or in parking lots, it’s time to take your car in for a checkup.  Oil leaks can cause engine overheating and, if not corrected, even engine destruction.  Paying attention to your regular service intervals can also help prevent this problem.


  1.  Odd Sounds Or Vibrations While Driving

One of the reasons many people enjoy driving Mercedes is because they run so smoothly and quietly.  If you start to hear a strange sound in your engine, or noticing a lot of vibration, you could have a problem with your tires, with some of the vibration-isolating components around your engine, or other problems.  There should never be an abrupt change in your engine’s sound, so if you notice one, give us a call right away.


  1. Green Liquid Puddling Under Your Car

Green liquid collecting under a car typically means a coolant leak and is potentially quite a serious problem.  This can lead to engine overheating (and overheating, in turn, can require thousands of dollars in repairs), but more importantly, pets can find puddles of coolant, drink them, and be poisoned.  Don’t put up with any sort of leaks from under your Mercedes.  If you notice puddles of coolant, oil, or anything other than water, you need to bring your car in right away.

None of these symptoms are the sort of thing that anyone expects, nor are most people typically pleased to find one, but the stress of discovering a problem with your Mercedes doesn’t need to be compounded by the stress of trying to find a repair shop at the same time.  We would love to begin our relationship with you by performing your vehicle’s regularly scheduled services, so that if you ever need Mercedes repair, you’ll already have experienced the quality of our work and customer service.  Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to find a reliable mechanic: give us a call today.




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