Avoid Unneeded Mercedes Benz Service With Proper Maintenance

Anyone who owns a Mercedes is familiar with luxury, power, and matchless German engineering, but do you know how to do the simple maintenance tasks that will keep your car purring for years to come?  With just a few regular tasks, you can avoid unnecessary Mercedes Benz service bills, and enjoy your vehicle without interruption.

Are you on Schedule? 

re You On Just as you want to make sure that your heart and lungs are in good shape before you start worrying about your haircut, it pays to pay attention to your car’s engine and functionality as regularly as you do other aspects of it.  Make sure that you’re keeping up with the maintenance schedules associated with your car (maintenance schedule A and B).  Once you know that the inside of your car is running perfectly, here are a few more things to consider:

  1. Are Your Tires In Good Shape?

Just as good shoes can make all the difference to how you feel after a day of being on your feet, quality tires can make all the difference in your ride.  Make sure that you’re using tires that are recommended for use on Mercedes vehicles, and make sure to watch that the tread isn’t getting worn down, or wearing unevenly.  To prevent problems with your tires, it’s best to have them checked and rotated whenever you take the car in for service A  or B.


  1.  Is Your Interior Up To Snuff?


If you have a luxurious leather interior, you’ll want to keep it just as soft, supple, and inviting as it was the day you brought your car home.  As a natural material, leather can benefit from gentle cleaning, and careful use of conditioners.  Ensure that any product you purchased is labeled “for leather”, avoiding vinyl cleaners.  Follow the instructions on the product packaging to clean and condition your leather upholstery.  Keep in mind that if you use your car in extreme weather (heat, cold), you’ll need to apply the conditioner more frequently.  Otherwise, clean and condition your leather every three to six months.


  1. Is Your Paint Protected?


A shiny, clean exterior is something we all want for our car.  Take the time to ensure that your car is being washed properly.  If you want your paint to last the longest, this means (unfortunately) not using an automatic car wash.  Instead, take the time to wash your car by hand (or hire a detailer to do so).  It’s critical not to skip towel-drying, as this prevents water spots and mineral deposits on the paint.  Be sure that you use a “paint safe” non-scratching cloth to dry the car.


Why jeopardize your investment?  While each of these tasks only takes a few minutes, if done faithfully they can ensure that your Mercedes-Benz remains beautiful, comfortable, and powerful for many years to come.



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