Avoid Brake Repair: Top Brake Maintenance Tips


Everyone has heard horror stories about vehicles needing brake repair.  Nobody wants to have an unnecessary repair bill, but many people don’t know that there’s anything they can do to prevent brakes from needing repair in the first place.  Do you know how to brake smart?  Read on to find out!!

  1. Easy Does It

Do you ever “ride” your brakes?  This habit is hard on more than just your tires and your passengers’ nerves.  Brakes produce quite a lot of heat in the process of stopping your car, and continually applying braking pressure without ever easing off and allowing the brakes to cool down can cause premature wearing of every part of the braking system.  Instead of keeping your brakes on all the time, try slowing down with a steady pressure, then releasing the brakes to give them time to lose heat.


  1. Keep It Clean

When you wash your car, don’t forget to clean the wheels and brakes.  Take the time to rinse, wash, and rinse again.  Clean wheels and brakes are more effective, and the absence of grit and dirt on the brakes keeps them from generating unnecessary friction and heat.


  1.  Check Them Often

When was the last time you checked your brakes?  If you’re like most drivers, you only think about your brakes if you’re worried there might be a problem.  Don’t wait, however, until your brake pedal feels squishy or your brakes start squealing: give the brake pads at least a visual inspection every six months or so, or when you take your vehicle in for service.


  1. Change The Fluid

Change your brake fluid every 10,000 miles, or as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.  Keep in mind that if you suspect your brake fluid level is low, you should take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic immediately, as this may point to a leak in the brake line that could become dangerous.  Brake fluid can also become contaminated with moisture, which lowers its ability to keep your brakes cooled appropriately.  If you’re noticing that the braking in your car is not what you’d like it to be, consider having your service technician replace your brake fluid.


Brakes are one of the most important systems in a car, and with a little proactive care you can keep them functioning at a high level.  Don’t let this vital aspect of your car’s safety be out of sight, out of mind: keep an eye on your brakes.  We’d be happy to help you do so.




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